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Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services - Louisville, KYWhen we say we offer comprehensive service packages “all year long,” it’s more than just an expression. We mean it. If it’s a new build or updating an existing landscape, we can offer a variety of services for your commercial or residential projects. We are with you from the very beginning but also realize that your work is never finished. That’s where we come in. Continue below to explore all our service options or contact us today.

Custom Design

At Stephenson’s, we believe it all starts with good design. Our experienced staff has created and implemented design plans for private, public and commercial development projects. We put this knowledge to work each day to design landscapes that are the right fit for your own needs. We work closely with each client to turn their vision into a reality.

Hardscape Construction

Hardscape features can redefine your landscapes and outdoor living space. Our team can construct virtually any exterior feature, including patios, retaining walls, walkways and fireplaces. These are not standalone installations but rather features we incorporate into your overall landscape design.

Routine Landscape

Care We want your landscapes to flourish. But, with this growth comes some required maintenance. Our team specializes in spring and fall cleanups or we can set up more regular visits to keep your landscapes more manageable and well manicured. This includes trimming, eliminating weeds, preventing weeds and removing all leaves and debris.

Landscape Services - Louisville, KYComprehensive Lawn Maintenance & Installations(includes Grading & Sod & Seed)

Your lawn deserves our attention as well. For home or business, we will surface grade to prepare for grass installation. We will install sod or spread seed, depending on your needs. For existing projects, we can rehab your struggling lawn with a variety of products or even put in new sod.

Landscape Installation

We understand how important proper installation is to your landscape’s success. It’s a science that begins with our soil preparation, adding the fertilizers that are best. Needs also vary for each unique planting, including spacing to cultivate growth, hole size, sun exposure and water requirements. We consider all these factors when selecting and installing your landscape.


We focus on “in ground” systems for our commercial and residential clients. With everything being buried underneath the surface, it makes for a much cleaner presentation of your landscapes. Its automation also frees you from having to water your lawn or landscapes manually.

Snow Removal Services

As winter roles in, we stay ready. Our commercial and residential accounts have seen that we will be on-site immediately when poor weather strikes. We plow, shovel and salt around the clock to keep your business, apartment complexes and homes safe and running smoothly.

To learn more about all the services Stephenson Landscape and Design can provide, s top by, give us a call at (502) 935-0353 or click here to fill out a request form and we'll contact you!